ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İsmet Giritli

Keywords: Kemalism, ideologies, dogmatic ideology


Nowadays, when we left behind the 51st year of the great Atatürk's transition to eternity, the "idea Atatürk", namely the "Atatürkist thought system", is gaining weight. As it is known, the first form of the phrase "Kemalism" was "Kemalism" used by the Westerners, and in 1929 when the language specialist Ahmet Cevat used the term "Kemalism" in the magazine "Muhit", this phrase was quickly held and spread in our country. Universities are taught at the state level through "Atatürk's Institutional Culture, Language and History Higher Institution" created by the 134th article of the Constitution and the "ideological gap" that emerged as a result of looseness and neglect of years and reached dangerous dimensions before September 12, 1980. While trying to be filled with "Atatürkist ideology", the General Staff prepared and published a valuable work titled "Kemalism" consisting of three books to be used as a "sourcebook" in the course of "Kemalism and Revolution History".