ISSN: 1011-727X
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İsmet Giritli

Keywords: French Revolution, 18.century, Effects Of The French Revolution


The French Revolution, which initiated the "near age", in which the values and developments that had been going on from all ages before it changed significantly, was founded in 1989 by 200. It completes the year and therefore constitutes one of the main themes of the year, the "French Revolution". Historians cannot unite on the causes of the "French Revolution", the name of the political uprising that started in France in 1789, while some view it as an intellectual movement of the "age of light", some consider it as an uprising of the oppressed classes against feudal persecution. When the French King, who wanted to escape from France but was captured and brought back to Paris with the "Pillnitz statement" of various European dynasties, was radicalized by the Revolutionary administration, started the wars of the French Revolution on April 20, 1792, and Atatürk, in fact, initially predicted these results when he made the flag of the national sovereignty, which was one of the 18 in the establishment of the true will of the people and in the drafting of the constitution of 1924. The influence of century philosophy and the principles of the French Revolution is great.