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Figen Atabey

Keywords: ATATÜRK, Naval, Funeral Ceremony, Navy


An impressive and magnificent funeral ceremony was arranged from sea and land for Ghazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK who was the founder of Turkish Republic. In this respect Turkish Navy was also held in such high regard that she was selected to perform the saddest mission of carrying ATATÜRK along his final voyage from İstanbul to İzmit. The President's body was transferred by the escort of Turkish fleet consisting of the Yavuz, flying the flag of the Commander -In-Chief, the cruiser Hamidiye, destroyers Zafer, Tınaztepe and submarines Gür and Dumlupınar, Doğan and Martı assult boats. The body of ATATÜRK was conveyed on a gun carriage from Dolmabahçe to Sarayburnu where the coffin was placed on board the destroyer Zafer and taken to the Yavuz on the morning of 19 November 1938. A number of Turkish aircraft which were also to take part in the naval ceremony were in the air. Besides of the Turkish ships, the German, the English, the French, the Soviet Russian, the Rumenian, and the Greek war ships also participated in the naval ceremony at funeral of ATATÜRK.