ISSN: 1011-727X
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Hamit Pehlivanlı

Keywords: Mudanya Armistice, Ankara Government's, Lausanne Treaty, Gateway Organization


Realizing that he could not stand against the Turkish army, which continued its operation with the victory on August 30, 1922, Greece demanded an armistice by putting its allies together. While the mutual negotiations and correspondence continued, the Turkish army's operation was also continuing rapidly. While some troops entered İzmir on 9 September, some continued to move in the direction of Bursa and Çanakkale in the north. Applying some measures to prevent the Turkish army's operations against the Straits; For this purpose, Lloyd George, who ordered British reinforcement troops from Istanbul to Çanakkale and Derince on September 11, 1922, also requested military assistance from his dominions and allies. However, this demand for Avust¬Raly, France in biılik with New Zealand, Italy, Romania and they gave Yugoslavia refusal, only the "neutral zone in the Straits to be made to move observance of Turkey can join the diplomatic attempts," they reported. Immediately after these decisions, the French and Italians pulled their troops on the Dardanelles side of the Bosphorus to the European side. Thus, only the Turkish troops were left against the Turks, who continued their operations towards Çanakkale. In addition, other troops of the 1st and 2nd Armies, who were released in İzmir, were ordered to march on Çanakkale and Istanbul on 13 September 1922.