ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Sulhi Dönmezer

Keywords: Atatürk, Leadership, Leadership Analysis


A very fluffy number of books, articles and researches have been published in Turkish and foreign languages ​​that touch upon Ataturk's life story, especially in terms of history. Among them are those who have a reputation in the field of international literature. In this essay, beyond analyzing a life story, we analyze Atatürk's leadership as a socio-psychological event, to determine Ataturk's leadership as scientific case according to the data of sociology and social psychology, pathology, so that the theory and the event We desire to analyze according to the data. It is difficult to carry out such an analysis in a completely objective and scientific manner by going beyond emotional effects in two ways: First of all, such an analysis requires an equal degree of sociology, social psychology, pathology, medicine, and historical sciences compared to the fact of leadership. makes cooperation mandatory. Secondly, it is also very difficult to analyze and determine the Ataturk leadership event, especially by scientists belonging to our generation. Because a generation that has grasped the period of Ataturk as adult youth and has been inspired by it, cannot be fully objective by going out of subjective feelings of Ataturk leadership.