ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Cezmi Eraslan

Keywords: Atatürk’s Foreign Policy, Kurun Gazette, Asım Us, Annexation of Hatay, Misak-ı Milli, Atatürk’s World Policy, Leauge of Nations, İndependence of Syria


Understanding Atatürk's Foreign Policy is stili basic point in order to defend Turkey's rights. Wİthout regarding the distance he always kept in touch with the developments which were seen ali över the world. According to his point of view using army was the last solution. Therefore he contribute to the regional peace, by Balkan Pact and Sadabad Pact. He had promised to Turkish Nation that, he will get Hatay in to Turkey. In his last year, he used the media instead of army. He had dictated five articles under the name of Asim Us in Kurun Gazette by which addressing the friends of France in the International platforms. He stated that Turkey can implement everything what it is possible for Annexation. He cauşed the formation of several Hatay Com- mittee and Aid Association both in Hatay and İstanbul. At the end of such arrangements The League of Nations approved a special status which con- stituted İskenderun as a separate area free in its intemal affairs but attached Syria in foreign. Hatay Parliament had proclaimed the Republİc on 2 September 1938, fînally on 30 June 1939 annexation to Turkey. With the help of his close interest very strategic part of Turkey was gained without militarist problem.