ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Arda Baş

Keywords: Atatürk, Turkey, Egypt, Middle East, Secularity


There is a strong historical and cultural bond between the two significant powers of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey and Egypt. And it is this strong bond that influences the relations between Turkey and Egypt today. It is possible to see Turkish impression on nearly all of modern Egypt's building blocks. Particularly, reforms made in Turkey following the proclamation of the Republic were keenly followed by modernists in Egypt. It was also during the time of Atatürk that Egyptian intellectuals began to discuss Turkish reforms as a model. The idea of adopting Turkish reforms as a model for Egyptian reforms was revived with the proclamation of the republic in Egypt when King Faruq was overthrown by the Free Officers Movement, and following the overturn of Hosni Mubarak regime during the Arab Spring.

This study aims to evaluate the general course of Turkey- Egypt relations during the time of Atatürk, and what effects the relations in this era had on the subsequent years.