ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Ali Rıza Gönüllü

Keywords: Antalya’s Press, Anatolia in Antalya, Alanya Postası, Doğu, Çağlayan, Türk Akdeniz


In Antalya, the life of press had started with the publication of Haydar Rüştü (Öktem) Bey's newspaper which was called "Anatolia in Antalya" in 1920. Thıs newspaper had carried out important duties during the Nati¬onal Struggle. In the çenter of Antalya which has been administrative pro- vince, the publication of many nevvspapers and magazines had followed the newspaper which was called "Anatolia in Antalya". By this side, in the period of time we studied (1920-1950), we ha ve also seen the publication of a newspaper in Alanya which has been one of a county of Antalya. Me- rely, the great majority of the publication of the newspapers and the maga¬zines in Antalya had taken in a short time. From the period of the life of press which had started to ur days, only " the Front Newspaper" which had begun to publicate in later period had been come with "the Nevspaper of Antalya". In antalya, at the publication of ııewspapers and magazines' side, the excessive improvement hadn't seen in the sector of printing, too and only one printing press had tried to reply the necessity of the common people in long years. As for the years of 1940, in the increment of the numbers of printing had been accomplished. Thus, in spite of ali these negative conditions, the newspapers and the magazines which has published in Antalya, had ensured the important ad- ditions to the development of National Culture