ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Resul Babaoğlu

Keywords: Lausanne Conference, İsmet Pasha, diplomacy, war, TGNA


After the successful conclusion of the War of Independence, the political actors of the period wanted to lay the foundations of a new state as soon as possible. The Lausanne Conference, which was convened to end the war, was seen as an opportunity to resolve existing problems. Because the Lausanne Conference was very important for the evacuation of Istanbul and for the post-war situation to resolve the problems between the states permanently. One dimension of the negotiations carried out in the Lausanne Conference was the incomprehensible challenges to meet in the Lausanne negotiations of the Anatolian Movement, which wanted to differentiate from the Ottoman diplomacy, which did not have a presence in the last century against the European states. Within the scope of this study, it will be tried to contribute to elucidate the diplomatic basics of new Turkey in the light of primary sources by emphasizing the diplomatic stalemate dilemmas experienced by the Turkish delegation in the Lausanne Conference and the solution methods developed by them.