İhsan Burak Birecikli, Fahri Maden

Keywords: Yıldız Assassination, Sultan Abdulhamid, Armenian Issue, Nationalism Tashnaksutyun


In this study, Yıldız assassination attempt has been analysed and it has been given information about Armenian Issue. The last initiative of the Tashnaks is the assassination of Abdülhamid. Papazian confirms this accordingly:"The assault against Sultan Abdülhamid's life was the last try of the Tashnaks for the revolution on behalf of the Turkish Armenians. That was one of the splendid but useless initiative of Tashnaksutyun. Its success would not have contributed to the Armenian problem. Its failure saved our people from a great catastrophe." At the end of the investigations concerning the incident, Edouard Joris, Austrian citizen, was sentenced to death. After some time, Joris was brought to the Palace. He was appointed as an agent to work against the Armenians with the Sultan's gift of 500 liras and was sent to Europe.