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1Millî Savunma Bakanlığı Genelkurmay Başkanlığı, Ankara/TÜRKİYE
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Keywords: Arab Nationalism, Defense of Medina, Hejaz Front, Palestine Front, Sharif Hussein.


Hedjaz front line was one of the front lines where Ottoman Empire fought during World War I. The struggle in the Hedjaz front line was indeed against Arabic tribes, which revolted and was led by Mecca Emir Sharif Hussein. The rebellion was economically and logistically supported by the English; besides, the English intelligence agencies provided military consultancy for rebellious leaders. The contacts between Sharif Hussein and the English started before World War I and went through correspondence then. In this correspondence, it is clearly seen that Sharif Hussein planned to unite Arab kingdom and caliphate in the places where the Arabian population lived. Thus, moving on the English support, Sharif Hussein revolted in June 1916.

The emerging affairs in Hedjaz were closely related to the events in Sinai-Palestine front line. Sharif Hussein’s revolt continued till the end of World War I, but it was not supported by the Arabian population. The revolt paid off and was characterized with nationalism only when the Ottoman army was defeated in the Palestine front line.

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