ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Selahattin Döğüş

Keywords: Mustafa Kemal, Anatolia, Turkish People, the National Independence Army, National Struggle, Turkish Independence, Ottoman Empire


When Mustafa Kemal landed in Samsun city of Anatolia on 19th May 1919, the situation of Anatolia was quite bad. People who came out wars which have been continued for long time, were tired, exhausted, and depressed. The Ottoman State w as taken pri söner and İstanbul w as occupied by emperialist forces. Sultan Vahideddin had no choice and was miserable. The people who got bored from wars that have continued for long time could not taken one more war into consideration. But, when districts of Anatolia were started by westemers, each district began to defend its property, life and honor. Thus national forces socalled "Kuva-yı Milliye" was formed Mustafa Kemal could establish an orderly army by organizing the Kuva-yı Milliye" unities. Thereby, Anatolia people started straggling for their own motherland and national and religious values one more time. Turkish People under leadership of Mustafa Kemal declared the indepen- dence and existing of Turks to ali the World.