ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Cezmi Eraslan

Keywords: Atatürk, Modern State, The Caliphate, Turkish Foreign Polİcy, Turkish Republic


Caliphate had played a very important in both domestic and foreign poli- ties of Ottoman Empire, especially during the reıgn of Abdulhamid II, but It could not always refrain from serving to the interests of the foreign powers. We also see that Caliphate assumed important roles in the struggle for saving the Turkish nation whose land was almost completely invaded at the end of World War I. The fact that religious elements and the Caliphate have been stili dominant in the mind's of Turkish people. It is clear that with the Constitutıon on 20th January 1921. Sovereignty was unconditionally given to the nation and the Sultanate became null and void. The fact that Ankara was adopted as Capital city on 13th October 1923 and declaration of the Republic of Turkey on, 29th October 1923 oficially Sym¬bol ized the realization of a new State İn Turkey, which was then very dİferent from the former regime in every aspect. As a result of voting performed, in 3rd March 1924, in the Turkish Great National Assembly the Calphate was abolished, The abolishment of the Caliphate can be evaluated as the most meaninful sign that Republic of Turkey shall burn the ships and continue in this direction, Abolishment of the Caliphate, was the most important step in the efforts to dominate not religious post but will of the nation in the administratıon of the state. With this step, the most important legal bases of a national, secular, democratic and modern State has been completed.