ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Murat Burgaç

Keywords: Republic period, Health, Health camps, Azat Obaları, Kazım Dirik


After the success of Independence war and foundation of Turkish Republic, numerous important reforms were also introduced in the healthcare system as well as in many social systems. As a matter of fact, many useful practices such as extending and spreading the healthcare services, increasing the number of healthcare personnel, struggling with contagious diseases were carried out in the first ten year period of the Turkish Republic. The practices on child welfare were of specific interest among the general healthcare practices during this period. To avoid infant and child mortality and diseases and to ensure the infant and children's growing up healthily are among the essential principles of republic's healthcare policies. Therefore, healthcare institutions and nursing homes for children were established by the Turkish Republic governments in various regions of the country. In Republic period, one of the important projects which were implemented for saving child welfare and raising healthier generations was the "Azat Obaları" in Thrace. These were kinds of health camps which were open during school holidays. Kazım Dirik Pasha, who was the Thrace Public Inspector in this period, undertook the role of being the prime mover and leader of this project. A regular and balanced diet was carried out in these camps which sheltered the elected ill and scrawny children from villages of the region and thus it was intended to treat these children and make them healthier and sturdier. In this study, these health camps "Azat Obaları", which were established in Thrace between the years 1936 and 1938, were investigated and discussed.