Dr. Öğr. Görevlisi, Hakkari Üniversitesi, Hakkari/TÜRKİYE

Keywords: II. Abdülhamid, II. Meşrutiyet, Beyânü’l-Hak, İttihâd ve Terakkî , Mustafa Sabri.


Beyânü’l-Hak Newspaper, although it was a very important newspaper of the Constitutional Period II with its religious, scientific and literary content, it has been the subject of very few academic studies in Turkey. In the newspaper, where Mustafa Sabri was the chief writer, the political, religious and cultural stances of many different writers, especially Elmalılı Hamdi and İskilipli Mehmet, are encountered. It is understood that the newspaper, by putting the Islamic unity and brotherhood at the forefront, basically targeted people or groups who were against this idea. One of the most important features of the Beyânü’l-Hak newspaper, which has a very large readership, was that it portrayed the differences of opinion between Abdülhamid II, the Committee of Union and Progress and those who had an Islamic identity. If a few of the first issues of the newspaper are excepted, it is possible to find the traces of this separation in almost every issue. This study has two main aims. The first of these is to be able to present the picture formed by the differences of opinion between the three groups mentioned above. The second is to reveal the perspectives of Islamic writers on the religious, political, literary and social issues of the Constitutional Period II based on the lines of this 182 issues newspaper.