ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

E. Semih Yalçın

Keywords: Nazım Bey, Damat Ferit, Resmor Öztelli


Nazım (Resmor-Öztelli) Bey is one of the interesting figures of our National Struggle History, who was elected as the Deputy Internal Medicine after the Mosque and Hakkı Behiç Bey in the First Council of Delegations, which was established on 3 May 1920 in the first parliament. Nazım Bey, who was born in Erzurum in 1867, was appointed to the Ministry of Accounts after he completed the property, and entered the service of the government, he first served as a letter of Adana, İşkodra and Ioannina provinces, and later he served as the governors of the Gevgili and Hama Sanjaks. He was promoted to Van Deputy Governor in 1911 and to Harput Governor in 1912. Nazım Bey, who entered the Union and Progress Society during his stay in Ioannina, is one of the figures who played a role in the declaration of the Second Constitutional Monarchy. For this reason, he was among the 19 governors dismissed by the Damat Ferit Government in 1919. Then he entered the first Grand National Assembly as Tokat Deputy. He was elected to the Undersecretariat of Internal Medicine with the establishment of the first government in An-kara and carried out this duty for a month.