ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

H. Cevahir Kayam

Keywords: Lausanne Peace Treaty, Population Exchange, Turkish-Greek


with the Mudanya Armistice was signed on October 11, 1922 the Government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, "National Pact" of the border, Mosul and excluding Hatay, there were reached. Turkey's status as where it gained full independence and equality and other Western states had Lausanne. Conference of Lausanne (20 November 1922-24 July 1923) as a result Turkey, equality and sovereignty that was happening to the whole world. Allied with the Lausanne Peace Treaty signed with the state, Mosul, Hatay and resolved all issues other than some problems and Turkey has taken its place among the independent states. One of the political texts created by the Lausanne Peace Conference is the "Agreement and Protocol on the Exchange of the Greek and Turkish Peoples. During this exchange, approximately 350,000 Muslim Turks and 200,000 Christian Greeks had to leave their places of residence. started soon after and formed many years the problem for both countries. in this study, dealing in Lausanne, the exchange issues, the Lausanne negotiations on the issue and signed exchange Contract of Turkey's Grand National Assembly (Parliament) debate that arises is investigated. in addition, during the exchange the "établi" and the Patriarchate problem are also addressed.