Yılmaz Altuğ

Keywords: Greece, Western Anatolian, Anatolian Expedition


Greek diploma AA. Pellis published in English in 1937, titled Greece's Anatolian Adventure and Sonsan (Greece's Anatolian Venture and Aftermath), and Greece's attack on Anatolia and especially He explains how Venizelos, who made this decision, made the following decision: "A tremendous political and geographical mistake" (A. sterghiades - Greek High Commissioner from 1919-1922 in Izmir - Interview published in Patris newspaper dated 6 January 1930) "Asia Minor Expedition In November 1920, he was sentenced to some failure due to the regime change in Greece ", (note of the editorial in the Patris newspaper of 7 January 1930 on the above comment). "Until now, I still do not understand how the fellow statesmen in Paris Wilson, Clemenceau, Lloyd George and Venizelos were seduced to take such thoughtless and lethal steps". The first two quotations put at the beginning of this chapter depict different views on the reasons for the rightfulness and failure of the Asian adventure in Greece, which are defended by opposing parties.