Mehmet Gönlübol

Keywords: Peace, foreign policy, peace at home, peace in the world


We are approaching the end XX. Facing the pain of two world wars in the 21st century and facing the threat of nuclear war, which can lead to much greater destruction today, humanity has an increasing belief in the virtue of peace. In the international arena, efforts emphasize the importance of peace. With the proliferation of the mass communication network and the wider inter-communal relations framework, today our world better understands the need to preserve the common values ​​of humanity in peace. In our world, which is getting smaller with rapid population movements and technological developments, the idea of ​​peace is becoming widespread. The principle of "peace at home, peace in the world" expresses this fact. Moreover, besides stating the importance of peace in the world, it also shows the way of reaching this goal: For peace in the world, peace must be established within each country first, so that the international community of peace and tranquility, that is, the nations living in an environment of peace, will be in peace and tranquility. Ferdî expresses an understanding of social order based on responsibility. A good whole can only consist of parts that are in good condition one by one. The meaning of the principle of "peace at home, peace in the world" means, in other words: "Insecurity outside, insecurity inside, and insecurity inside outside".