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Hüseyin Yıldırım

Keywords: İrade-i Milliye, Newspaper


"Irade-i Milliye", the media organ of the liberation movement that started in Anatolia, appeared in Sivas as a result of the work of Mustafa Kemal. Established by the Governor of Sivas Elhaç Ahmet Izzet Pasha in 1878, the provincial printing house was the publication of Irade-i Milliye, the first newspaper of the national struggle period. Mustafa Kemal, who knew the importance of the press very well, had addressed this issue in the first day of the Sivas Congress. İsmail Hami Bey was saying "... sir, I will be busy in our newspaper (Irade-i Milliye), which will be published soon." A delegation from our friends should be busy with the publication and writing of some of our documents, after the congress is disbanded, everyone will be busy with their private affairs, and they should take care of it already. "