ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Rahmi Doğanay

Keywords: Atatürk, national suvereignty, sultanate, Sened-i İttifak, Turkish Republic, republic


This subject is about the transition from Sultanate Rejime to Republic and Ottoman Empire to the National State. With another saying, it is a process of Turkish Republic and a national State from Ottoman Empire. This process İs limited with National Struggle in general. It İs true that the certain result was gained in the National Struggle period, but this process begins before National Struggle, Meşveret (The activites of the council) and 1808 Sened-i İttifak can be regarded as the steps to restrİct the authority of the Sultans and give some freedoms to the public. Sened-i İttifak affected Tanzimatçılar (Reformers) and they affected Meşrutiyetçiler (those who were in favour of contitutİon). In this process, the aplication of giving the authority to the public, beginning with French Revoluation, contiuned until Atatürk's period.