ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Nejdet Bilgi

Keywords: Manisa, Press, House of Commons, Atatürk, Yeni Doğuş


The first periodical of the House of Commons in Manisa is Yeni Doğuş that has entered the publication life on the tenth anniversary of the Republic and was published in 17 editions. Yeni Doğuş is the first periodical whİch was published by new alphabet after 1926 in Manisa. The periodical was published in order to spread the ideas of Atatür who has realized a fresh birth of Turkey and to secure vividness for the cultural life of Manisa. It has often and by admiration mentioned about Atatürk, the Republic and his renovations. Yeni Doğuş that the last edition was published in the mids of 1935 by spreading the sagacity of the new regime, has not stressed the efforts on putting forvvard the loca! culture. Yeni Doğuş was not its first part İn the press, culture and social life of Manisa.