ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İsmail Şen

Keywords: Atatürk, society, right, defence, provinces


The Society of Defence of the National Rights of the Eastem Provinces was one of the "Defence of Rigts" and "Anti-Annexation " societies established in İstanbul in such period where the Ottoman State had been shared out after the Mondros Armistice had been put into practice on December 2nd, 1918. Under these circumstances its Erzurum branch had shown unexpected hard works and high activities even more active than the main office; in a short period of time starting from its establishment (March 10,1919) to the closure (actually August 7,1919, offically August 24,1919) as a result of gatherİng ali the "Defence of Rights" and "Anti- Annexation" societies under Society of National Rights Of Eastem Ana- tolia by Erzurum Congress. In this study, we have examined the es-tablishment and activities of the society till Atatürk's arrival to Erzurum and his contribution to the society in that period.