ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Nurcan Toksoy

Keywords: Ottoman Empire, Transcaucasia Superintendent, Azerbaijan Türk, Enver Paşa, Soviet Russia


After the Czordom regime was demolished in Russia, events broke out. The new government which was established after the Czardom regime couldn't manage to stop the events either. As a result of this, Lenin got hold of the fate of Russia. But, Transcaucasia Commitee didn't approve of the Russ Bolsheviks to get goveming. And then, it was decided that another goveming deportment should be established, so Transcaucasia Superintendent was es¬tablished. As soon as it was established, it declared that it hadn't recognized the Soviet Government in Petrograd. However, the Soviet Government didn't accept this superintendent. In this established superintendent Azerbaijan Türk, Georgians, Armenions were completely independent in their own bussiness.Although this union appeared in fact national movements of thse three nations were contrary to eachother. Ali these three nations had been searching a great power and a great State which would be able to support them. As a result of this, negotiations for peace were begun among Ottoman Empire, Soviet Russia and Transcaucasia Superintendent, and Brest- Litovsk treaty had been signed with the Soviet