ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Sadık Sarısaman

Keywords: Kemalism, Revolutions, Modemizations


After having won the Turkish Struggle for Independencce, a series of revolutions has been made. According to Atatürk's statements, the target of the revolutions is to turn the Nation of the Republicc of Turkey into a con- temporary and civilized society. The real aim of these revolutions, even if they seemed like they are related to the extemal appearance of the people at first sight, is to get comtemporary thought become effective amongst pe¬ople. In our research, we have examined the difficulties which Turkish pe¬ople faced in the assimilitaion of these social revolutions. We have especially dwelled on the changes regarding the Hat and Dress Revolution, the Right of Women, the Sumame Law, Units of Measurement (lenght and weight) and Time. The difficulties, which Turkish people suffered from on the assimilation of the revolutions, have religious, historical and social di- mensions. For example, the reason for the reation to the Hat Revolution was originating from the religous worries. Another reason for the hard assimilation of the revolutions is lack of knowledge and deficciency of in- tellectual way of thinking. And also some of the rovolutions had been ended up with some unwanted results because of people's unconcemed at- titudees towards the revolutions and not being able to give up their local habits.