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Zekeriya Türkmen

Keywords: The National Farces, Mersinli Cemal Pasha, The Ministry of War, Ali Rıza Pasha, Mustafa Kemal Pasha


In the period following the Mondros Armistice, the successful battles gained by the National Forces organized partly in Anatolıa against the occupation forces increased the trust in the organizations of these forces. Be sides the Regular Army which was in a weak position, the National Forces increasing gradually conducted illegal actions in Anatolia to maintain its ammunitions and food supplies. These actions conducted by the National Forces disaffected the relations between the cabinet of Ali Rıza Pasha and the leaders of the National Forces in a period during which the relations se- emed to go well. Therefore, the military side of the cabinet of Ali Rıza Pasha -Ministry of War and General Staff considered to protect and pat- ronize the National Forces and so took some actions. To the contrary of Damat Ferit Pasha who considered the National Forces to be treacherous the cabinet of Ali Rıza Pasha considered this national movement a legal struggle in which the nation was trying to get its rights which was taken by the occupation forces. Therefore an activity was started to build a dialogue with Anatolia immediatly after the cabinet was formed. Thus this cabinet not only considered the national movement as a legal struggle, but also did not see any objection to get into contact with the leaders of this movement to the contrary of the previous cabinets (ca- binets of Damat Ferit). The leading stuff of National Forces found Mersinli Cemal Pasha, Minister of War close to themselves among the cabinet of Ali Rıza Pasha. Ali Rıza Pasha was aware of it and he spent most of the National Forces. Salih Pasha, Minister of Marine and his delegation were sent to Anatolia during the period of this cabinet to organize the relations with Anatolia and a contact was built with Mustafa Kemal Pasha who was the le- ader of the national movement. Stili during the period of this cabinet, the secret orders and activities of Mersinli Cemal Pasha, Minister of War in order to support the National Forces had a great importance. In spite of being under pressure of the Allied Powers in İstanbul, Mersinli Cemal Pasha gave support to the National Forces through the regular army coıps in Anatolia by supplying weapons and ammunitions during the first phase of the National Movement. Ali Rıza Pasha and his cabinet which rehabilitated Mustafa Kemal Pasha who was the leader of the National Movement in spite of the ali the pressure of the occupation forces and gave support to the National Forces by giving weapons, ammunitions and military equipment will take their right place in the history of Turkish National Combat with the documental study based on the archives