ISSN: 1011-727X
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Zübeyir Kars

Keywords: Republic of Turkish, Ankara, Capital, Pharmacy, Hospital, School


Ankara was not well-known city during Ottoman Empire. It took attention önce it was chosen as the Capital city of Turkish Republic. Ankara there were 10 kaza (district), 7 nahiye (subdistrict) and 1075 village belonged to Ankara. Total population at Anakara was 312549 and 21446 of these weı*e living in city çenter. 9090 women and 12356 were man of those total city çenter population. Only 2 of the 7 nahiye (subdistrict) and 72 village were in the city çenter region. There were 108 primary and secondary schools and 39 medressehs in the city. In addition, Ankara had two hospitals, which were owned by State, and 7 pharmacies of those only one was owned by the State and the rest was owned by the private sector. On the other hand, there was no dispanser (outpotrent clinİc) there were 526 çeşme (fountain), and 345 of those were in city çenter. Tehere were 27 han (inn), but no hotel. 16 hotels were built after it was chosen as a capital city. The city had power for electricity and military industfy (imalat-ı harbiye). In addition, there were no flour factory, gun factory and one factory producing matches. There were total of 526 değirmen (mili) runnİng with water power and 437 of them were in working-order. Ankara's economy of those days was based on agriculture and traıısportatİon was maintained by fayton and donkeys. Gasoliııe was the source of lightening. The members of first parliament were sat on school chairs. Today, Ankara is a modern and a large city.