ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Serap Taşdemir

Keywords: Foyers Turcs, Türk Ocakları, Sivas Foyers Turc, Birlik, Türk, Nationalism


Türk Ocakları (Foyers Turcs), one of the milestones in the recent history of Turkey, have played an impoıtant role for the movement of nationalism to get consciousness. Having been formally founded on March, 12 th in 1328 (25 March 1912). Türk Ocakları (Foyers Turcs) co- opted Türk Yurdu Cemiyeti and its periodical. The number of Foyers Turcs has gradually increased both in İstanbul and in the other city centers since its foundation. Sivas department of Foyers Turks was opened in 1923 and it has been functioning since then. It published the periodical Birlik between 1923-1924. Not only the news and articals dealing with the social and cultural life in Sivas, but also the articals about the general view of the country were published in this periodical.