ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İhsan Sabri Balkaya

Keywords: Balkanian Pact, Turkish Media, The Pacific Foreign Policy, Anti- Revisionist Countries, Diplomacy, Turkey and Bulgaria


Balkans have akways been very importent lands to be itervented by the european countries and also they have used the jeo-politic and historical positions of these lands for their own advantages. After the first world war although there had been a peace duration oftime , there were seme countries who didn t accep the position and condition of peace. Germany and Italy in Europea and Bulgaria in Balkans had been conducting anli- revisionist foreign affairs policies. But Turkey had been conducting peaceful policies both at home and out of home. That is why Turkey had signed peace treaties with ali neighboring countries. The Balkanian pact had also been tried to be carried out with the help and attempts of TurkeyJn the time duration of settling of the Balkanian pact, the manner and approaching of Turkey and Bulgaria have been tried to be searched with the reflection on Turkish media. Many close diplomat visits had beeen confirmed and occured among the Balkanian countries and Turkey had a main role in this situation.