ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Sezen Kılç

Keywords: Foreign Schools, Ottoman State, Republican Period, Education, Missi- onarics


Atatürk and, having faith in him, his friends well knew how the foreign and Non-Muslim schools, whİch had begun to öpen under the auspices of the Sultans, tumed into nests of destruetive and divisive activities during the Regression Era of the Empirc, World War 1, and the War of Independence; as early as in Lausanne they had rendered the decision to sustain theİr entities provided that they comply with the Turkish laws and regulations. Through the new laws and regulations enacted during the Rcpublican Era and their elose supervision the majority of these foreign schools were ensured to continue their activities only for educational purposes just as the Turkish Schools. Yet in a very short time the foreign schools, persisting in not abiding these enacted laws and regulations comprehended that they could not act as freely as they did in the recent times of the Ottoman Empire anymore, and that it is a necessity to obey the ncw laws and regulations in order to continue their existence.