Kenan Olgun

Keywords: Izmit, Izmit People House, Theatre Branch, People Houses, Theatre Plays


Theatre Branch opened on June 24, 1932 Izmit, started his career with the exception of the Museum and Exhibition Department. Theatre Branch at the opening of Izmit on many issues over time,suffering partly solved these problems. Existing since the foundation of Izmit People House Theatre Branch, opened in theaters will stage devoid of a living room. Hall will stage games in excess of distress using the representation Necatibey Hall School Division, the new building on the highly successful and worked until 1942. War years after 1942 and the effect of multi-party life, moved away from the old success. Izmit Branch of People's Representative in the country continued to work for the purpose of establishing branches represented. Love of the theater in the region, bring new capabilities, "the moves of revolution and social progress in developing" first order "Akın" game exhibited, most recently "Cehennem" came to a play of theatrical representation. Closed from 1932 until 1951 Izmit a wide variety of theater games, has given place in the Western plays. Izmit and around like the theater, the theater's repertoire represent a new branch has been effective in adding plays.