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Fahri Maden

Keywords: Village Institute, Kepirtepe, Kepirtepe Village Institute, Education


Kepirtepe Village Institute is the one of 21 of those, opened throughout Turkey. The name of the institute, namely "Kepirtepe" derives from the terrain or hardpan structure of its land. After having founded first in Edirne in 1938 and removed to Lüleburgaz, a small town of Kırklareli Province afterwards owing to the narrowness of the land. With the constitution of country training colleges or institutes, it was intended the enlightenment and training of the villagers and farmers. It provided a solution for villages without schools and teachers. By means of the teachers they trained, and not consumpti inviduals. On January 27, 1954 by the means of law no:6234 their names were changed into "Primary Teacher School".