ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Adem Sağır, Zeynep Aktaş

Keywords: Migration, Immigrant, Culture, Romania, Turkey


This study is a sociological analysis on migration and changes caused by migration. The study is designed as an attempt to read a historical period via printed media. This study is focused on Muslim Turks who were forced to migrate from Romania to Turkey in the period of 1934-1938. For the study, six newspapers, which are chosen as the sample, have been identified as Ulus, Cumhuriyet, Yeni Posta, Akşam, Tan and Türk Yolu (Izmit-based). The fact that these newspapers are preferred is being national and the foundation of the printed media in Turkey during the period they are in. Türk Yolu has a special meaning for analyses that Izmit, where the newspaper is pressed, is an important region of the immigrants from Romania coming to settle in. In the study, content analysis of newspapers is used as a qualitative method for analysis. The categories, used in the content analysis, have been determined as positive or negative reactions of the facts that happened in Turkey, social problems, certain situations where immigrants live in the settlement areas, and influences on the daily life of immigrants. The principal of the study is to examine the cultural and social encounters that the Turks coming from Romania have faced, considering different form of discourse in the newspapers.