ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Seydi Vakkas Toprak

Keywords: Kanun-i Esasi Journal, Hoca Kadri Efendi, Şeyh Alizade Hoca Muhyiddin Efendi, Unity of Islam, The Committee of Union and Progress, Abdülhamid II


Kanun-i Esasi Gazetesi is a journal which was published by the cairo branch of the Committee of Union and Progress between the years 1896-1899. The journal was published by Hoca Kadri Efendi and Şeyh Alizade Hoca Muhyiddin Efendi who had to run away because of their opposition to Abdulhamid II. Hoca Kadri Efendi at the same time was the teacher of Mehmed Akif, the writer of Turkish National Anthem, during his studentship at Rüştiye School and a thinker who effected his thinking world. The contrubitors of Kanun-i Esasi journal while opposing Abdulhamid II. from the religion aspect were writing about topics such as putting the constitution into effect, reopening of the parliament and the Islamic Union topics. They severely opposed to The Young Turks' policy of cooperation with Non-Muslim elements and represented Ittihad-ı Islam (Unity of Islam) idea. In this article based on the articles published in Kanun-i Esasi journal, the topic Ittihad-ı Islam (Unity of Islam) is studied.