ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Ali Rıza Gönüllü

Keywords: Earthquake, Shelter, Loss of Life, Aid, Destruction, Southwest Anatolian Region


A lot of earthquakes at every phase of history occured in Antalya, Burdur, Isparta and Muğla cities that are around Burdur fault line in Southwest Anatolian Region. Hundreds of people lost their lives and significant material injury occured as a result of these earthquakes. Information was given to central government by local administrations when an earthquake occured in Antalya, Burdur, Isparta and Muğla cities. Local administrations sometimes demanded various aid from central government for people aggrieved of earthquake. In the meantime earthquake victoms sheltering and feeding needs were supplied by the local people aids. Also, if needed financial aid was given to these people for urgent needs by government. Wood from government forests was given free for the people that injured by earthquake to be used for damaged buildings construction. Besides these peoples' various taxes to the government was delayed for a certain time.

As before earthquakes nowadays causing significant loss of life and material injury, to be protected against its harms, as government and nation we have to take all kind of measures.