Mehmet Okur

Keywords: Allied Powers, Ottoman State, İstanbul, Armistice, High Commissioner


Allied Powers couldn't tolerate Ottoman State's struggle against them in World War I and the victory of Dardanelles anyway. Especially England wanted to punish Ottoman State violently and at the end of the War, he got Mondros Armistice signed as a punishment. After the armistice, the military powers of Allied States took actions according to the armistie articles which they commented in conformitiy with their advantage. They took into supervision İstanbul ant the Straits. Several of their actions were to send to prison a lot of Turkish citizens unjustly, to occupy big and magnificent houses unlawfilly an at will, to give real estates belong to Turks to the minorities ete. Meanwhile, their high commissioners communicated with Turkish statesmen and especialhy with Sultan. Administrive, juridical and economic authority of Ottoman State were took in hand by Allied States. For an example, Brİtish High Commisioner wrote a latter to Tevfik Pasha and vvanted to be changed mutasarrıf of Kayseri. His will were realised immediately.