Mustafa Budak

Keywords: Atatürk, Turkish National Struggle Movement, Amasya Circular, Revolution Declaration, Analytic Evaluation


Thİs paper tries to analyze vvheather the Amasya circıılar was a revolution declaration or not?. In the first part, the internal and external political conditions in which the Amasya circular had been declared after the First World War were emphasized. Then, it has been defenced that the Amasya circular was not a starting point, oppositely an important turning point during the Central organızation for the Turkish National Struggle Movement against the Allied occupation in Anatolia and Thrace after the Armistice of Moudros. In the second chapter, İs about the character of the Amasya circular. Meanvvhile, after defining the terms "revolution" and "reform", Atatürk's evaluation about the Amasya circular and vievvs of some vvriters who had defined the mentioned circular as a "revolution" were analyzed. İn my opinion, the Amasya circular is not a "the declaration of revolution" according to Atatürk. Because Atatürk had never called the Amasya circular as the declaration of revolution and had never defined his own actioııs as revolution.