ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Serap Taşdemir

Keywords: Sivas, Public House, Ortayayla, 4 Eylül, Press


Sivas Public House that opened 24 February 1936 have published a periodical whose name is Ortayayla after May 1936. Jaurnal's name has changed after 16 issue and its new name became 4 Eylül. Journal 4 Eylül published the last issue (51 number) on 31 March 1942. In Journal, it is included the history of Sivas and around, procminents, poets, their works, folks, socıal writtens, economy,health, sport...ete. In artİcle, it is briefly serutinized the works of Sivas Public House. It is also examined the conferences in Public House and publicated books. In addition, it is also enelosed the bibliography of articles in 4 Eylül Journal and Ortayayla and the photos are submitted in enelose. Ortayayla (4 Eylül) Journal is a source for the works of local history in Sivas and arounds.