ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Ali Dikici

Keywords: National Chief (Millî Şef), İsmet İnönü, Second World War, Turkish Police Organization, Police


The reign of National Chief İsmet İnönü (Millî Şef) in Turkey is a troublesome period particularly due to World War II. Although Turkey did not participate in the War, the country faced many challenges to its homeland security as well as to other fields. Authorities dealt with minor domestic incidents in order not to use resources that could be required for a possible war and defense and strictly applied the rules and regulations. Therefore, the war years could be considered a period in which public peace and order was maintained and it is difficult to identify some terrorist and anarchist movements, major incidents such as looting and uprising or mass demonstrations during war time. The Turkish National Police Organization played the most important role in this success. So, this article concentrates on the organization structure of Police Organization, ruling class, war time working conditions of police officers, legal remedies associated with security, re-organization of the police into a modern and efficient police service and on the incidents which directly or indirectly affected security. In doing so, many documents from the Turkish National Police archive were employed and the events were explored from "police and security" point of views.