ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İsmet Özen

Keywords: The Menemen Affair, Kubilay, Çankırı, Çankırı Press, Çankırıda Duygu Press


A reactionist affair happened against new republican regime of Turkey in Menemen on 23 December 1930. Although Kubilay and two guards were martyrized, the leaders of the affair got killed or arrasted and after that the process of trial began. The Menemen Affair caused big sadness and dislike in country and Çankırı as well. In this essay, the reflections of the Menemen Affair from two Çankırı Press (Çankırı and Çankırıda Duygu) have been examined. The news of Menemen Affair and reactions against it have been searched. Though news of the Menemen Affair had been quoted from national press, reactions and articles were peculiar to Çankırı Press. In named above Çankırı press, there is no difference about conveying information of the Menemen Affair, damning of Affair and stressing point of loyalty of people to the new regime. Moreover, these newspapers supported Government's policy about the affair with their news and comments.