ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Muttalip Şi̇mşek

Keywords: The Ottoman Empire, Germany, The First World War, The German Red Cross Society, The Ottoman Crescent Society, The Caucasian Front, The Gallipoli Front


One of the international aid organizations that started to be established in Europe as of the 1864 Geneva Convention is the German Red Cross Society and from the Ottoman-Russian War to the Balkan Wars, this society, which carried out healthcare activities on the Turkish front in almost every war that the Ottomans were included in, sent healthcare teams to the Ottoman lands after the First World War started. Germany, which sent hundreds of healthcare personnel to the Ottoman lands under the name of medical support in addition to military cooperation in the war, in line with the request of the Military Mission in Istanbul and the recommendation of the Ministry of War and the Ottoman Crescent Society, decided to conduct healthcare activities in Erzincan, Gallipoli, Baghdad, Istanbul and Jerusalem. In this study, with the start of the First World War, the decision of the German Red Cross Society to send healthcare teams to the Ottoman lands and in this direction, how the activities started in Erzincan, Baghdad and Istanbul will be explained; the treatment of the soldiers and the struggles of the healthcare teams against epidemic diseases will be evaluated in detail at the specified stations.

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