ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İsmet Görgülü

Keywords: Victory of Canakkale, Germany, 18 March


The Germans related to the Gallipoli Wars have publications almost close to Turkish sources. In his publications, his remarkable claims about the Battle of Çanakkale and the Çanakkale victory are remarkable, whether private or official. Some claim victory, some stand out jointly. We welcome these feelings. On the Dardanelles front, there were German people beside the Turks. First of all, the Army Commander was German. Some corps and division commanders were German. During the 8.5-month battles, a total of nearly 500 German officers and soldiers served in the combat zone. However, they participated in the battles alongside the Turkish forces on the Syrian-Palestinian Front with 10 times their presence here. They participated in the defeat against the British and the abandonment of Palestinian and Syrian lands as a result of the Nablus split. With some of their commanders, they participated in battles that resulted in the loss of Mesopotamia on the Iraqi front, the Caucasian Front battles and the Operation Sarıkamış. Nevertheless, it is not seen that they embrace the results of these battles and come out jointly. Although some of the battles were lost as a result of the errors of referral and administration of the German commanders, these were the battles of the Turk. They cannot be expected to come out jointly. However, the same idea should be for the Çanakkale Victory. It is not possible to make a profit in partnership, not to accept the loss. In the field of science, such evaluations should have no place. It is essential to give the right to the rightful.