ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Cemal Avcı

Keywords: İzmir Assassination, New Turkey, Unionists


İzmir Assassination, the newly established Republic of Turkey, the Great Leader Atatürk's revolutions that followed each other when trying to ascribe to the Turkish Nation had planned to kill him. Of course, at that time Ataturk died of losing the opportunity to be a contemporary of the Turkish people, it meant the destruction of secular Turkey. Therefore, these events by Ataturk and secular circles hostile to the Republic of Turkey is requested to be exploited. The fact that these circles, which support all kinds of movements against Ataturk, consider the İzmir Assassination incident as a material for them was the biggest factor in the preparation of this research. While the Republic was newly declared in 1926 and reforms aimed at bringing the country to the level of modern civilization were being made, opposition was made to these reforms for various reasons from various circles. Among those opponents were the Unionists who saw the right to power only in themselves. The Unionists did not see the right to power in any other period during the Constitutional Monarchy, but they were also influenced by the Bulgarian Commanders and carried out various activities to hold the power in their hands. They had sacrifices in themselves, they organized assassinations. The best Atatürk expressed this attitude of the Unionists who were tried as the accused of İzmir Assassination and many of whom were punished: "One Unionist is a good friend, two unionists are afraid, and there are no other ways of satisfaction for the three Unionists."