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Osman Yalçın

Keywords: Turkish Aeronautical Association, Air Industry, Turkish Air Force, Ankara, Aircraft Engine Factory, Aircraft Factory


It was taken action for aiming to foundation of military industry starting with Independence War. To do that many foundation and enterprise were built and scattered around district of Kırıkkale. In addition to these, it was formed a repair center which included repair facilities about air element connected with its systems. After foundation of Republic of Turkey, it was put more emphasis on military industry, it was started many establishments in short terms regarding to Land, Marine and Air Forces. The Turkish Aeroplane Association was founded on February 16th, 1925. In the same year, it was signed an agreement with German Junkers Company for procurement of airplane. There was intention and target in order to be established military industry in written on Turkish Aeroplane Association manifesto. But, then, this article was taken out from foundation manifesto. During this time the association had main concern about sportive aviation in order to consolidate chores of donation providing that owning airplanes. During Second World War years, when it was a must to come in to being procuring airplane within Turkey, it was planed to established airplane fuselage and engine factories. In a short time Etimesgut Airplane Factory was broadened from 5.840 meter² to 13.790 meter² space by year 1942. It was procured tens of airplane and a few gliders, and prepared prototype airplanes in there. But, after Second World War, the factory was closed because of the gained foreign aids. At the history of Republic of Turkey, if it is not taken into consideration individually and small experiments, first airplane engine factory was started to establish at Gazi Orman Çiftliği in 1945 and come into being to work in 1948. Before establishment of the factory, head of the Turkish Aoreplane Association, Şükrü Koçak and his team were in touch with counterparts in America and England, and examined about characteristics of engines. The factories were planned to be founded in 120.000 m2 land where Devlet Ziraat İşletmeleri Genel Müdürlüğü is. Chosen land was planned that Project was to respond the needs modern and projection of future. The factory was established, and engines procurements were realized. In addition some procurements were made outside air military industry. The destiny of both engine and airplane factory were the same, and both of them, firstly, were transferred to MKEK and then transformed to the tractor factory