ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İsmet Giritli

Keywords: Lausanne Treaty, Lausanne talks, 70th Anniversary


During 1993 we left behind, the 70th anniversary of the Lausanne Treaty was celebrated with a number of events. It is possible to summarize the historical events and stages that led to the signing of the Treaty signed on 24 July 1923 as follows. The Treaty of Armistice was signed in Mudanya after we won the National Struggle. While the Turkish Grand National Assembly recommended that the peace conference be held in Izmir, when the Allies invited the Istanbul Government and the Istanbul Government on 1 November 1922, when the Allies invited the Istanbul Government with the notes of 27 October, the Parliament ended the reign on 1 November 1922 and provided the Ankara Government to be represented at the conference. The opening session of the conference was held in Lausanne on November 20, 1922, the talks were interrupted on February 4, 1923, restarted on April 23, 1923, and the 17 signing of Lausanne and Additional documents and letters were signed on July 24, 1923. Lausanne Hotel du to Turkey in the meetings held in the chateau Yusuf Kemal Bey, instead of the Minister of Foreign Affairs represented a delegation Ismet Paşa'mn presidency, Health Bakau I Riza Nur Bey and former Finance Minister in the delegation that Haşar Sake Bey found in military, financial, economic, legal consultants and clerks was found.