ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Hüseyin Tosun

Keywords: Entente States, I.World War, 1923


As it is known, when the First World War came to an end, two new groups formed by two separate states, defeated and victorious states, were formed in the world. Later on, peace treaties were made for a new world balance, in the form of new land regulations, in the rule of victorious states. The foundations of these peace treaties were based on 14 notes published by United States President Woodrow Wilson as the basic principles of peace. One of these peace treaties was made with the Ottoman Empire, which was in the First World War and was last defeated in this war. In the signing of the Ottoman Empire representatives, this peace, which was called the Mondros Armistice Treaty, also affected the 12th article of the Wilson Principles dated January 8, 1918 regarding the Ottoman Empire. Subsequently, the Victorious States began to occupy the Turkish country from time to time, ignoring these principles and putting forward various excuses. One of these occupations included Istanbul and its region. Finally, as a continuation of the occupations in Anatolia, a fleet of British, French, Italian and Greek ships came to Bosphorus on November 13, 1918 and brought about 35 thousand forces to Istanbul. The invasion of Istanbul started in this way.