ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Temuçin Faik Ertan

Keywords: Staff Movement, Kadro Journal, Staff


Kadro Magazine is a publication that was launched in January 1932 and undertakes to systematize the ideology of 36 issues of the Turkish Revolution for three years. Published by Şevket Süreyya (Aydemir), Yakup Kadri (Karaosmanoğlu), Vedat Nedim (Tör), İsmail Hüsrev (Tökin), Burhan Asaf (Belge), this magazine is a publication with its economic, political and social views and original solutions. It went beyond being a publishing activity and became a spokesperson for an intellectual movement and idea. In the 1930s and later periods, the Staff Movement and the Staff have attracted the attention of the academic and political circles, and maintained their feature as a subject worth discussing and researching. So much so that many researches of different nature and in different fields are included in the opinions about Cadre Movement and Cadre Players. Printing and publishing historical, intellectual movements in Turkey Turkish Left and communist movements, the Turkish Revolution and Kemalism, the development of the Turkish economy and statist understanding and a lot of work and research that investigated the Turkish literature is possible to find Kadrocu. The cadres became representatives of a free movement with the center-periphery theory they proposed regarding domesticism and foreign policy. However, the writers known as Kadrocu thought and Kadrocu received negative reactions from different circles and for different reasons and were subject to harsh criticism.