ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Emel Doğramacı

Keywords: Thought of Ataturk, Turkish Women, Modernization, westernization


It works according to the National Struggle in 1919. Great Leader Atatürk, the Republic of Turkey has been fighting only recovery, create it as well as Turkey's new order will carry out the reforms. This room is for modernization, which helped our conversation, refers to Turkey's Economic and socio-advanced sophistication. Today, it is classified according to the development styles and classes in the countries. Developing countries want to be westernized and take the West as an example during the development phase. This development process can be considered as catching up with modernity. In the light of these thoughts, in order to speak of modernity, important thoughts. Options such as condition of education, that is, the literacy of its people, the existence of a legal legal order and the necessity of an equal distribution of income to the base. It is the cornerstone of the modern state order, where there is a secular order, which is one of the important elements of modernization. In the secular state, people have the freedom of religion and conscience. There is freedom of person in this order. Educational institutions are organized according to secular principles. In the secular state, the legal condition is arranged according to the reason, reason, logic and the needs of life. As a result, equality between men and women already emerges.