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Selçuk Korkud

Keywords: Canonica Museum, Atatürk, Roma


"There is a very valuable museum for Turks in Rome," one of my Italian friends said while he was on duty in the Vatican. I went. Located near the Villa Borghese in the magnificent Pincio Park of Rome, this museum is in the historical villa called "La Fortezzuola", where the well-known Italian sculptor Pietro Canónica (Torina 1869-Roma 1959) spent the last period of his life. In this villa, where the wife of the helk-shaker lived until recently, the works of Canonica are being exhibited today, and after the death of his wife, the artist's workshop has been opened to visitors. The museum symbolizes the universality of art once again. This sculptor, which blends the new classicalism in the art of sculpture with its deep knowledge on human psychology with great delicacy, is also known for its monuments in Italy and in various countries. Canonica in our care of our museum's Importance in Rome, Ataturk's an interesting addition to the bust, some large model of the monument which was built in Turkey is exhibited in a splendid way. In the workshop of the sculptor, there are also pictures and documents related to the contacts he had with the government about the monuments and the Prime Minister of that period, İsmet Pasha.