ISSN: 1011-727X
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Mevlüt Çelebi

Keywords: National Struggle, Italian Occupations, First World War


Declaring its neutrality at the beginning of the First World War, Italy closely followed the development of the war. The aim of entering the war for Italy is to satisfy its economic and political expectations as much as possible. In this regard, Italy will enter the war with that block, whichever party meets its expectations more. However, with the public pressure that started a year after the war started and the concern that the Çanakkale Wars will be won by the Allied Powers, Italy decided to join the war alongside France and England. It guarantees its expectations after the war with the agreements with Italy, England and France. With the secret treaties of 1915 London and 1917 St. Jean de Maurienne, Italy was promised a wide region in Anatolia, from Izmir to Antalya. Although the war was won by the Allied Powers, which also included Italy, there are some difficulties in Italy settling in the areas promised to it. First of all, İzmir, which was promised to Italy, was also promised to Greece, provided that it entered the war with them. At the Paris Peace Conference, which convened after the war, a great struggle started in Italy between Greece and Greece. In this struggle, England supported Greece against strong Italy. In the Conference, in Izmir Britain, Italy Fiume issues in the field against the United States, an independent ally Turkey began to follow the policy.